Read Frequently Asked Questions Below

Q: How long does it take the state to approve my application?
A: The state has 30 days to process your application but usually reviews sooner.

Q: Do I have to be a patient to be a caregiver for someone? 
A: No, you can login to your portal and add an individual to your account.

Q: How many plants can I grow with my cultivation license?
A: Patient’s may have up to 6 flowering plants, 6 non-flowering plants and 6 clones.

Q: How long will I wait to get my certification back from the doctor?
A: Once your records are received by our office, our doctor will sign your certification in 24-48 (business) hours.

Q: What happens if my application is rejected?
A: If your application is rejected you will receive a notice from the state and will have 10 days to correct the issue. If your application was submitted by Bluebird please contact us ASAP and we will fix the error or we will honor our FULL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

Q: Do I need medical records to obtain my MO MMJ card?
A: Yes, our doctor needs a summary or records of your qualifying condition. If you do not have records, please call us and we can refer you to be seen.

Q: Do I need to set an appointment?
A: No, you can send your documents by text, email or walk-in to the office during business hours and everything can be completed electronically or at your convenience. 

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